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Are you looking for an opportunity to get your church connected with Kansas City Tres Dias?  The Church Reachout Program is for you.  Tres Dias is not a replacement for church, instead it encourages those who have gone through the weekend to go back and serve in the Church. Churches across the world have noticed a marked difference in church participation once members of their congregation have attended a Tres Dias weekend. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required of me if I join the Church Reachout Program?
What will I receive in return?
How do I promote Kansas City Tres Dias?
Who do I contact for more information?

How can a Church help if it joins the Church Reachout Program?

The Church’s role:

  • Encourage Attendees – A Tres Dias weekend can only function if it has the Attendees (Candidates) and Volunteers to help fuel it. Encourage your congregation to attend a Kansas City Tres Dias weekend. Reachout videos, flier and signup forms are available for download below.
  • Sponsor Pastoral Staff – There is always a need for spiritual leaders on a Tres Dias weekend. Sponsor your Head Pastor and Pastoral staff through a Tres Dias weekend.
  • Be a Resource – Provide a great testimony for those in your congregation and other contacts.
  • Give – Support Kansas City Tres Dias with a financial gift that goes directly to the ministry’s fund. By giving directly to Kansas City Tres Dias, your church can immediately support Kansas City Tres Dias on upcoming weekends.
  • Host – In certain cases a reunion group may need a place to host their meetings – bible studies, gatherings. It would help those weekend attendees to know that there is always a place for them within the church.

What Will I Receive in Return?

In exchange for your attendance, sponsorship, time and financial support:

  • Kansas City Tres Dias will write a minimum of four newsletters per year, in which they update you on the work they are doing thanks to your support.
  • Your church will be listed on the Kansas City Tres Dias Database. This database is accessed by all members of Kansas City Tres Dias and is a frequent resource for those looking to find a new church.
  • Kansas City Tres Dias creates a deeper desire for Christians to want to serve the Lord. They are all encouraged after a Tres Dias weekend to find a place in their church to serve. Your church will see a marked difference in Tres Dias attendees in their passion to serve at the church.

How Do I promote Kansas City Tres Dias?

To make it easier for your church, Kansas City Tres Dias has created a Church Reachout Packet. In it includes: two video testimonials, a color tri-fold, a Pastor’s testimony, candidate sign-up forms and a news release to be given to your bulletin writer.

After you have contacted our Community Liaison, we will schedule a time to send representatives to your church to meet with your church’s Pastoral Staff and Church Leaders. Our representatives would also be free to share information about Kansas City Tres Dias to your congregation.

What is Tres Dias?

Church Reachout Packet

Download Testimonial Videos

Who Should I Contact For More Information?

Community Liaison:

Wes Schlobohm
5727 Richards Circle
Shawnee, KS 66216