Upcoming Weekend Dates:

Kansas City Tres Dias #13
Men’s Weekend: March 15th – 18th, 2018
Women’s Weekend: March 22nd – 25th, 2018

About Kansas City Tres Dias (KCTD)

Kansas City Tres Dias was established in 2010. After attending a Tres Dias weekend in Dallas, Wes Schlobohm – a KCTD founder – decided that a new Tres Dias should be set in Kansas City. Immediately God began opening doors and creating multiple opportunities for other people in the Kansas City area to get involved. Since the establishment, candidates and volunteers from over 140 churches have attended or served at a KCTD weekend. Over 10 people have given their lives to the Lord after attending a weekend and realizing that they did not have personal relationship with Christ.

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What is Tres Dias?

The words – Tres Dias – literally mean “Three Days”. The first of the three days starts on Thursday in the afternoon and ends Sunday evening.

The Tres Dias team is composed of people who have also attended a three-day-weekend. Volunteers also pay to attend the weekend and work multiple positions that include: giving speeches, serving in the kitchen, acting in skits, performing music and much more .

Tres Dias is based on the basic Christian principles and foundations. It revolves around three days of talks of laity and clergy. Each talk is discussed by groups of table.  The Tres Dias atmosphere is one of love, joy, Christian companionship, singing and worship.

Attending as a Tres Dias candidate can only be done once. Therefore, it is not a substitute for the church, but as a training to be a great servant leader in your own church.

Tres Dias is a weekend for adults that focuses on you and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

While Tres Dias explores the basic beliefs of Christianity, it is best described as a spiritual encounter with Christ. Many of those who have attended the weekend expressed that they received a deeper understanding of Christ and a more meaningful, personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.

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